Jesse RS On The Rocks

That’s right! We’re excited to be competing for a chance to be an opening band this summer at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. Anyone who’s a live music fan, has followed their favorite band, or lives in Colorado knows: Red Rocks is a top-5 destination for a live show. From the amazing natural acoustics to the breathtaking views, there’s nothing quite like seeing a show on the rocks. And for bands, the opportunity to perform at Red Rocks is a milestone.

Face Vocal Band, a Denver-based a capella group, has been plugging away at the live music scene for 16 years. Now, after tireless work, they’ve hit that coveted milestone, landing a headlining gig at Red Rocks this August. In a show of local support, they are currently running a contest to award 2 other local Colorado bands a chance to open up for them at the show. It’s a move we’ve dreamed about having the chance to make in the future as well – giving back to the community that helped launch you; help Denver bands whose sound you believe in reach the masses. It’s a move all of us at Jesse RS applaud regardless of the contest outcome. It’s something the Denver music scene needs.

With your help, Jesse RS has a chance to be one of the two openers for Face’s Red Rocks show this summer. How do you help, you ask? Simple: Head over to the @indichallenge at to check out our submitted video. Underneath the video on the right, click “Like” and “Share”. Share the video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media. Use the hashtag #indi_8vx78. Every share and like we get helps. Every post like, retweet, tweet like and post comment on your shared post also helps! So the more shares we get, the larger our numbers grow!

Also, be sure to check out Face Vocal Band for some great a capella music. Family fun and audience interactive, they should prove to be a really great show on the rocks!