Live show footage streaming on Gigity.TV

Our first national tour promoting the release of “Drinkers & Jokers” included a stop at the Elbo Room in Chicago late last May. We recently discovered that they film all of their shows on their house camera and archive all the footage. Unfortunately for us, the tape cuts out 25 minutes into our set, but includes some great footage including “Death Of Me,” “Closure,” “Play” and “Beg Me”. Click over to Gigity.TV using the link below. The show is a continuous stream of the entire evening – over 4 hours in all. Jesse RS drops the bass at the 3:42:00 of the stream. For those of you interested in stage set-up, sound checks and other technical aspects of live music, you can see our entire stage prep and soundcheck. In fact, there’s almost as much footage of us setting up and soundchecking as there is of actual live performance!

Elbo Room – 2014.05.31 – Gigity.TV