“What We Want” 2017 album release

The current live performance hiatus Jesse RS has found themselves in has not been in vain. The 8 month hibernation is about to come to an end and yield the latest Jesse RS release: “What We Want”. This album will serve as the follow-up to the band’s 2014 debut release, “Drinkers & Jokers” and continues to expand on the diverse musical sound being associated with Jesse RS. “What We Want” is the result of 2 years of writing and road testing, over 3 months and 120 hours in the studio, the arranging of over 15 individual instruments, 3 months of mixing and mastering, and continuing weeks of marketing and promotion. It’s a noticeable step up from their first, fully self-produced album and something the entire band is excited and anxious to share with everyone.

Originally conceived as a 5-track EP, the band couldn’t limit themselves to keeping new music off this album and the EP quickly evolved into an 11-track, full-length album. The band pulled from songs they’ve been performing live for over 2 years, newer songs which were road tested last summer, and never-before performed tunes from Jesse’s decade-old vault of acoustic tunes. Some tunes, such as “The Liver” and “Elephant In The Room,” may sound familiar to those who have caught the band on stage over the past 2 years. Others may recognized reworked tunes such as the title track “What We Want” (formerly “What I Want”) from the band’s first year. Other songs such as the musical landscape “Loop,” drinking sing-along “Down At The Bar,” and island-feel “Where I’m At” will sound brand new and exploit the wide variety of musical styles and influences that shape the band’s sound. Particularly of note is the combination of the musically accented monologue which prefaces “What We Want” and the title track itself, which deliver a climactic message of unity, tolerance and love that the band strives to bring to every performance.

Jesse RS spent the months of recording and mixing at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen, CO working with recording engineer and co-producer Brad Smaling who greatly helped to shape many aspects of the music in times of creative writers block. Mastering was done at Vigalanti Recording Studio in Atlanta, GA. The band was honored to bring in several guest musicians for this recording. Among the added talent were Christina Lundell on vocals, Ben Waligoske on lap steel, Adam Bodine on accordion, Luka Keck on fiddle, Don Prorak on steel pan and a carefully pieced together string quartet. Friends of the band and members of fellow Denver-based funk-rock group Digg – Will Crossland (electric and acoustic guitars) and Josh Rutherford (organ) – are featured on several tracks as well.

“What We Want” is scheduled for release on May 28, 2017 on all major digital platforms as well as in person at the band’s release party that evening. The Moon Room at Summit Music Hall in Denver will host Jesse RS as they celebrate the release of the new album. Fans can expect the album to be performed in it’s entirety along with a mix of familiar JRS tunes. Several of the band’s studio guest musicians will be on hand to join the boys on stage. Featured support for the show include jazz-rock jam band Analogue Hero and piano singer-songwriter/pop group Alec Ryan. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. They can be purchased on the Moon Room website or by getting in touch with Jesse RS through email (contact info at the bottom of the webpage) or Facebook. The show is scheduled for 7pm with Alec Ryan kicking off the party at 7:30pm.

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