“What We Want” now available everywhere

You can now find our latest album, “What We Want” on all major streaming and downloading platforms. Digital copies can be purchased in the iTunes/Apple Music store and on Amazon.com. Physical copies are only available at our live shows, so come out to get your copy if you want to enjoy the album art and liner notes. You can also stream the album on Spotify.com as well as most all other streaming services (Pandora, Google, etc).

We’re very proud of the finished product and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. The final full track listing ended up as follows:

Gettin’ Down
Baby Drink
Elephant In The Room
So Much
Imagine Nations (Speech)
What We Want
Where I’m At
Down At The Bar
The Liver

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the new album and be sure to share with your friends!